Click2Dance has released new breakdance videos. We are devoted to the enrichment of B-Boy culture. We have brought together a team of dancers and instructors to help you learn breakdance in a simple and concise forum. Our vision began with dance videos filmed in a dance studio with award winning instructor and choregrapher Scotty Nguyen years ago. The success and proof-of-concept of that project was quickly apparent within the growth of our students which encouraged us to raise the bar; Introducing our latest offering, the "Click2Dance Completely Street Breakdance Series" volumes 1,2 and 3. This project consists of the collaborations of many from various parts of the world, including musicians, and artists.

In the coming days you will see this site transform into a helpful resource for hip hop and breakdance information beyond just our videos. For those who have been asking, we have made the new DVD's available for sale here, even though the site is still transforming. The site is safe and secure with SSL certification. Thank you for your overwhelming positive feedback on the DVD's, we appreciate it truly.

Many have asked where the music comes from on the DVD's. All the music on the DVD's was made by us. The songs were specifically written for the purpose of conveying our appreciation for the B-Boy and B-Girl culture. In the near future you will meet the talented musicians behind the music.